Singer Rosemarie Ulven Mesmerizes Everyone With Her Latest EP “Certain Inalienable” and the Vegan Recipes Cookbook For The Festive Season

Artists are always exploring their talents in various artistic areas. Same is true for Rosemarie Ulven, who has talent in a number of other arts. The lovely singer who has till now given us an eight track album “Certain Inalienable”, which has popular numbers like ‘Heart of Glass’, ‘Say Have You Heard’, ‘The Day I Could Not Bear’ and ‘Captivate Me Again’, is now ready to enthrall us with her cooking and writing skills as well.

Ulven is ready with a cookbook called “Little Book of Bread, Soups, Puddings, and Essential Meals”. Inside this book are various exotic vegan recipes for food lovers. The book is available on Amazon as well. It has all the delicious recipes ranging from chocolate dough – based on oats, to the chocolate loaves of nut milk, all great recipes to check out for the approaching holiday season.

This book can definitely be a nice Christmas gift for you and your loved ones. As the book is vegan based, one can be sure to add only love and loveliness to their food rather than ‘not needed’ calories or unnatural stuff. It is pure bliss, especially for vegans who are looking to make various recipes from all the natural ingredients. There are many dessert recipes to savor too, thus making this book no less of a paradise for food lovers and makers. Grab the copy to dive into vegan deliciousness or gift one to the special people in your life.

The singer’s food book is as catchy as her mesmerizing song ‘Heart of Glass’, as refreshing as the song ‘The Day I Could Not Bear’ and leaves you in moments of bliss like the captivating ‘Captivate Me Again’ from her latest EP “Certain Inalienable”. You can listen to this EP on Apple Music and on Spotify as well.

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