CEO Nguyen Van Binh shares the secret of a successful start-up

Mr. Nguyen Van Binh used to live in a room of 21 square meters, eating instant noodles with a salary of 4 million but still determined to build a strong business.

Mr. Nguyen Van Binh currently lives and works in the city. Hanoi. He used to study Information Technology and struggled with many different jobs to have more income to cover tuition, and to share the burden with his family.

The difficulties of his youth motivated this young student to more desire to make money and be rich. In his first year at university, he and his friends co-founded SuperShip, a business specializing in thrifty delivery, operating across the country. 

SuperShip got off to a tough start, with offices less than 21 square meters in area. This is both a workplace and a warehouse for packing goods for delivery to customers. Even in the new phase of operation, the company has not made profits, each brother has to share each loaf of bread and eat instant noodles every day. At one point, Mr. Binh and his brothers in the company only received a salary of less than 4 million VND per month. Salaries even have to be divided into installments to reduce financial pressure.

After many stumbles and accumulated a lot of experience, in 2019 he was determined to open his own business. Media company CEO Nguyen Van Binh was born, doing business in the field of media and online business. Initially, the company had less than 10 employees.

“Reasonable capital, small staff, I have passed the difficult early days. But godless, after a few years from an anonymous business, his CEO has more than 500 local partner companies with him. 10,000 customers sell online, according to CEO Van Binh, each year the company helps partners bring in total revenue of up to 10,000 billion VND “, Mr. Binh shared.

Portrait of CEO Nguyen Van Binh

Different from his elegant appearance, CEO Nguyen Van Binh is a person who is not ostentatious, his frank and honest communication helps to score points in the eyes of others. The young director thinks that life is too complicated, I choose simplicity and sincerity to work with customers, instruct staff and advise partners. His enthusiasm is passed on to the staff. Therefore, partners and customers connected with this unit are impressed with professionalism and dedication.

Sharing his business opinion, CEO Nguyen Van Binh does not hide the secrets gained after many years of operation. Instead, the company is always oriented to help businesses proactively operate their machines. During the time of cooperation, the unit transfers technologies and effective ways of selling online to partners. The partner of CEO Nguyen Van Binh can both proactively manage the sales process and save costs at the same time.

Online business – MMO (Make money online) is the future trend. This industry is demanding and strenuous, but it is well worth it. Therefore, more than ever, this is the right time for businesses to develop in this field. The sooner you master multidimensional connections, apply many good plans to effectively capture the online market, the more sustainable and prosperous the company will be “, Mr. Binh shared.

Realizing his ideas, Mr. Binh leads the Company with more than 100 models to support Livestream partners, doing business on digital platforms. Each model earns an average of 30 million a month. During the peak season, employees own a salary of up to 200 million a month. To have the success of the Company, according to Mr. Binh, apart from skills, expertise … the right direction and the trust of employees is the most valuable asset.

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