Conservative’s bland Vs Liberal’s Flash is a Clash in the Canadian National Election

Canadian National Election took place on 21st October. And the two prime candidates Justin Trudeau from Liberal Party and Andrew Scheer from the Conservative Party went neck to neck. Before the scandals this year, Justin Trudeau had a clear shot at becoming the prime minister but now Scheer has a chance.

Trudeau got into the huge scandal this year when his former attorney General said that he advised her to halt the investigation into the Quebec Company. This put him in a questionable position. And the nation can’t trust someone who hinders investigations. But Scheer isn’t clean either. In his resume, he lied about being an insurance broker when he wasn’t even licensed. Secondly, he has a dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship when his team members criticised others for being the same. They criticised many Canadian political figures for being dual citizens and now one of their candidates is one.

Scheer applied for renouncing the American citizenship in August but it may take a few months.

Trudeau is all about flash and publicity. He is a people person. After all, he is the son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. And Scheer is his polar opposite. One of his friends Jason Kenny said that-“Andrew is what I call a severely normal Canadian.”. Jason is  Alberta’s conservative premier and the godfather of one of Scheer’s five kids.

While Trudeau already has the advantage of being well known Scheer is the silent and underestimated opponent. But according to the polls Andrew still has a chance to win the elections and defeat Trudeau. The tough competition made it all the more inevitable that there won’t be a majority of 338 seats.

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But an alliance seems like a possibility. If the Conservatives win they form an alliance with Bloc Quebecois party. But if the Liberals win they will partner up with leftist New Democrats.

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