Egypt car crash sets off deadly explosion outside Cairo hospital

Around 19 people died and 30 others endured injury in a deadly explosion outside National Cancer Institute in Cairo, Egypt, said the country’s health ministry on Monday.

The ministry said that a speeding car collided with others thus causing the fatal explosion late Sunday.

However, the reason why the collision caused such a major explosion wasn’t immediately clear. It was also not clear whether all of the victims were from the vehicles.

In the videos uploaded online, one can see fire fighters trying to get the fire in control which damaged many cars. The cancer care facility was instantly evacuated post the crash that took place close to famous Tahrir Square.

The ministry further said that all the injured victims were rushed to hospitals immediately for treatment.

The public prosecutor of Egypt is probing the reason that caused the incident, as per a report by news agency by Reuters. No official statement signalling that the fire outbreak was actually an attack has been reported till now.

As per reports, a team of criminal laboratory, prosecutors as well as bomb experts have arrived at the spot where the incident took place.

Notably, road accidents take place in Egypt are quite common. The agency involved in calculating official statistics in Egypt says that 8,000 crashes in the previous year caused over 3000 deaths.

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