Elie Sy and his New Hit Single “FEEL YOURS”

Elie Sy, this year finally released all the music he wanted to showcase for many years and with his lead singles « FEEL YOURS » and « ON MY WAY » that he put out under the project of the same name he is finally letting his fans enjoy his art and music.

Not many people can say that you’re able to be successful in everything you do. Well, Elie Sy can say all of these things. From traveling all around the world to driving the fastest and most expensive cars to exist to living in the biggest and most expensive mansions. Elie Sy has done it all.

You might ask how can someone get any more successful than this. Well, it wasn’t just an easy journey for Elie. Elie runs and operates his own concierge business and is a successful fashion model. Not many people can do what he’s doing and be successful at the same time. Elie Sy is defeating the odds at a young age.

Elie Sy doesn’t just stop there but he is also gonna be breaking records with his new hit single “Feel yours” Not many people can do what Elie is doing and it doesn’t seem his success is going to stop.

Go stream “Feel yours” on Spotify NOW!

Instagram: Elie Sy
Music Label: Promo Musique

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