Hokali Surfing School is a Great Medium for Surf Learners to Find Trained Surf Instructors

Hokali, a surf community marketplace, is an excellent medium for surf enthusiasts to connect with trained surf instructors. Founded by two Argentines namely, Ignacio Viau and Tomás Bisi, Hokali focuses on protecting the marine ecosystem by making efforts.

Beginners to experienced surfing students can easily find expert surf instructors through Hokali to get personalized surf training. Established in January month in 2020, Hokali is connected with many non-profit organizations that work to protect & preserve the coasts and oceans.

Hokali surf platform focuses on hiring only those surf instructors who are passionate about preserving the maritime ecosystems. It only hires surf teachers who are well trained with 10 years of experience in surfing. Additionally, they also need to be certified in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

This is simply to ensure the safety of surf students during surf learning. Hokali only selects surf teachers who pass a test to become eligible for surf teaching. Hokali also provides a facility to surf students to get essential surf items & life insurance from nearby shops.

The Hokali team focuses on giving surf lessons after analyzing the abilities and skills of students. For each surf lesson by students through its website, Hokali pledges to plant a square foot of kelp sea tree in California. It is a great initiative to promote forestation in California.

Beginners to advanced surf learners can easily get surf training by contacting expert instructors through Hokali surf school. The guided surfing session can help surf learners easily gain expertise in surfing along with contributing to the preservation of marine lives.

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