Svakom has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant around 11,000 Trees in Africa

Svakom is a brand that aims to provide high-quality sex toys to people around the world. The company started in 2013 when they discovered that sex toys were popular. But the available sex toys in the market were vulgar and inferior in appearance. Svakom became the premium quality brand in the global sex toy market like the g spot vibrator and more.

Every Earth Day ,Svakom does something significant to observe the importance of the planet. Sometimes it segregates the waste, sometimes it turns off the light for an hour, and more. But this year, Svakom wanted to do more.

Their brand wanted to step out and make a significant contribution. So, Svakom decided to partner up with Trees for the Future. It is a non-profit organization that teaches people how to take care of the land and plant trees.

Trees for the Future and Svakom have partnered this year to plant around 11,000 trees in Africa. They believe in The Joy of Giving Back. These brands wanted to do something for nature, and they did. Trees for the future works differently from others. It focuses on sustainable development.

They go to remote areas, earn the trust of villagers and farmers. Then, over four years, they stay there and plant trees with them.

Moreover, they also teach them how to take care of the land and guide the community into a more sustainable direction. Trees for the future teaches the people to turn their lands into a primary source of income.

Both Svakom and Trees for the future believe that they can give back to nature and live in a sustainable environment.

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