Work With Hedge Fund Manager Komey Tetteh To Grow Your Finance

Coming from humble beginnings, investor Komey Tetteh has risen today to provide traders with average tools to acquire extraordinary results in the financial markets. In 2022, the hedge fund manager provides trading services for hedge funds with more than 100 million capital under management. The investor prefers working freelance as it adds value to existing funds as he adds in his additional strategies for the clients.

Komey Tetteh has traded in regulated products under the supervision of the top global jurisdictions including dealing with the highly regulated ASIC (Australia regs) and FCA (UK regs) funds. Today his goal is to manage 500 million across all the funds and deals signed. Started in 2017 as a freelance hedge fund manager, Tetteh surely has achieved a lot by 2022 as he is managing multi million portfolios today and recently bought a residency in Dubai with the aim to spread his work globally.

The businessman wants to join hands with other investors to grow through his bespoke alpha offering. Whoever is looking to diversify and earn more in the financial market can contact the legend who will review the hedge fund/business and then suggest his trading strategies/ portfolios to incorporate adding value to your business and portfolio.

Through his institutional trader gap project, Komey Tetteh empowers the traders to directly interact within the market without a middleman. He utilizes the advanced bridge technology to get the traders diverse in the financial markets making them deal with the liquidity terminals directly. Earlier this access was enjoyed by a selected few but with relationships that have been built over the years in the financial market Tetteh makes sure the professional traders interact with the market without the need of a middleman.

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