Your Playlist 2021: Listen to P Double’s Newest Single ‘Paid’

P Double is an artist that you need on your playlist.

He actually started his journey in the music space not by making music, but rather by entering into the world of dance at a very young age.

To this day, he recalls that it was actually a brilliant way for him to uncover what he truly aspires to do in life: music.

Through expressing himself on stage, he quickly realized that his dream is to become a world-class entertainer.

Since making the move and releasing his first single in 2009, P Double has over 11 projects and a whopping 300 installments of the P Double catalogue.

Im grateful for everyone who has been streaming it thus far and I hope it continues to connect with people, taking on a life of its own.”

His latest single Paid is produced by Cxdy and already has 18,000 streams on Spotify; an accomplishment like this one is, in sum, highly impressive for someone who has built a majority of his audience independently and organically.

If you are interested in learning more about P Double make sure to check out his brand new single and stay up to date with important announcements and music videos by following him across social media below:

Follow P Double: @ItsPDouble

Apple Music: P Double

Spotify: P Double

YouTube: P Double

Twitter: @ItsPDouble

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