Adding Spice to Life, Spicy Organic LLC

Spice is the essence of food and adds color, and a rich flavor to it, without adding calories, sugar, fat, or salt. It gracefully enhances the taste of a bland dish with pure and organically grown ingredients. Although it is considered as the heartbeat of delicious food, good quality, and organically grown spices are only found in some parts of the world. Spices grown specifically in India are considered to be the best of the lot. And so, there are plenty of companies that are producing and selling spices internationally. Among them is Spicy Organic LLC, a company hailing from a small city in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, which is raising the bar of the spice industry globally.

Managed by Sunil Kumar and his family, Spicy Organic LLC has been in the international market since 2000. The company has an extensive portfolio with a massive network across the world, a large team of experienced organic farmers, vendors, and retail stores. It began as a startup initially but has now reached the American market and has its headquarters in Texas.

Today, Spicy Organic LLC is worth $1.2 million and has won the ‘Freshco Dry Fruits Market’ award in 2019 and the ‘Quality Vendor of the Year’ award. Receiving recognition from reputable platforms was an honorary moment for the family-run firm as they had zero business knowledge and solely made decisions on the basis of their instincts.

Hailing from the ‘Land of Spices,’ Spicy Organic LLC realizes the true potential of spices in food. The company knows the difference between good quality and poorly cultivated spices. So, it lays great emphasis on its texture, color, flavor, and aroma. Their products go through a strict quality check before reaching the shelves. The trained professionals are involved in all the processes, from the cultivation to packaging; everything is examined closely.

Spices Are Beneficial For Health

Dealing initially with spices only, Spicy Organic LLC has now expanded their product line and included essential oils, herbs, and aromatic teas. Its best-selling spices consist of organic cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, organic Withania, somnifera, ashwagandha, herb aloe vera, and organic Phyllanthus Emblica (amla).

Launching their product line in America has not only added value to the company’s reputation but has also stirred a change in the eating habits of the people. Through their products, they have emphasized the benefits that spices contain. People are now aware that eating spicy food increases the longevity of life, speeds up metabolism, combats inflammation, kills bacteria, fights cancerous cells, and does many more other things.

One of its top-selling and most demanded products is turmeric. It is known for its incredible health benefits, such as its natural anti-inflammatory compounds that are considered suitable for digestion, boosts and improves brain functions, and lowers the risk of brain diseases, and many more. Spicy Organic LLC pays great attention to this specific ingredient and offers the ingredient in capsules, teas, powders, and extracts.

An Overseas Trend-Setter

Anything new that improves the health of people immediately becomes a trend in the modern era. Spicy Organic LLC’s products are a holy grail for its customers in America and other countries keeping up with the current times. Its unique packaging preserves the strong aroma and vibrant color of the spices and adds a distinctive taste to the food, making it supremely delicious and healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the diet dynamics of people worldwide. As the entire world was confined to their houses for a year, a surge in organically sourced and fresh ingredients was observed. People become more conscious of the kind of food they consumed. As the convivence of ordering from restaurants was taken away, many were forced to cook at home. This increased the need and demand for spices, herbs, and oils. Being a leading spice company in the US and the international market, 2020 was the year of growth for Spicy Organic LLC. With its promise to serve the best to its customers without compromising on the taste and quality, the company’s products were in great demand.

Being Eco-Friendly

Spicy Organic LLC aims to focus on sustainable operations and have a green footprint. They ensure that their crops are grown without any fertilizers and pesticides so that the tastes remain intact. All of their factory residues are filtered and cleaned before they are released so that they are free of toxins, chemicals and safe for the environment. With such a positive outlook and futuristic mindset, this American spice company has set itself on the right path of success!

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