Enthralling All With His Astute Fashion Sense And Business Intelligence Is Barry Kibwika, Aka Harnun

Harnun is more than what meets the eye and has spread his wings beyond being a fashion entrepreneur.

The more we talk about the increasing excellence of young entrepreneurs and professionals across fields, the more we feel the need to talk about them, for the kind of journeys they live and the kind of success stories they create. It is imperative to hold more talk around these young minds, for they exude a certain level of brilliance the world needs to know for inspiring many more budding talents to step forward and make their mark in their chosen industries. Inspiring a lot of such individuals is Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun, who has set a firm foot into the world of fashion, and now seems unstoppable with his endeavours.

Barry Kibwika, more famously known as Harnun, made sure always to place his best foot forward to reach where he always desired. Today, he is a success story the world wants to know more about. From being born in Africa realizing the rich culture he was surrounded with, he wanted to do something for his culture, and as he saw the beauty of the current cultural trends connecting with the ancestral origins through the Nile Valley Civilizations, he was even more motivated and inspired to create his career in fashion for reclaiming the cultural essence through his designs displaying the conventional designs with a modern twist.

Harnun talks about the challenges he faced on his journey, where he mentions that his vision and efforts to try and create a fashion line representing their past, and future, while still keeping it modern for people to understand and feel confident to represent was not an easy task. Today, Harnun, who serves as the Chief Director and Founder of his fashion brands “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty”, works by keeping the goal in mind of inspiring people of colour worldwide to embrace and discover their own cultural history.

Harnun, however, is more than what meets the eye. Apart from running his fashion lines, he is also an author with his recent book “Return back to self love” and is also a growing Kemetic yoga teacher. Find out more about him through Instagram: @harnunofficial and visit the website: https://www.sabaaofficial.com/

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