Many Little Things Determine The Resale Value Of Your Rolex Submariner

Little differences can make a major difference when spotted within the Rolex Submariner Watch Collection. The differences have a large effect on the resale value of the product. When compared the No Date Submariner Watches are cheaper than Rolex Submariner Date. Thus the Model Year  makes a difference on the amount you will receive while selling.

There are many questions the rolex submariner two tone buyer will ask the seller i.e. when you decide to get cash for your valuable including the year the watch model was introduced, is the vintage Rolex common or rare, and does the Submariner has an old Aluminum Bezel or a new Ceramic Bezel.

Like the Bezel, even the case and bracelet material is of importance. It is definitely cared for when the Submariner’s worth is being determined. Like a full Stainless Steel is cheaper than the Two-Tone Steel & Gold Submariner which is cheaper compared to a full Gold Rolex. Then the special models like the steel Rolex Submariner Hulk have the same or much less market value than the popular two tone model depending upon the market where you are selling the product.

The color is also a part of the decision. Like a green/black 50th Anniversary aka Kermit Submariner is more valuable than the classic plain black Rolex Submariner. There is a high demand for the newer green bezel/dial aka. Hulk Submariner watches in the market.

Also pay attention to the condition you have kept your Rolex Submariner in as that will increase or decree the value of the product. The visible wear and tear of the watch will affect the resale price. If you have engravings on your watch then it is even more difficult to sell the watch unless you are a celebrity. Keep the original Rolex Box and Papers with you as it will fetch you a higher resale price.

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