Google is Facing Negative Reaction from Investors for Removing Cryptocurrency Videos from YouTube

Google keeps bringing changes in its owned video platform, YouTube. But this time Google is facing criticism from the cryptocurrency trading community for removing cryptocurrency-related videos from YouTube. Google has recently removed hundreds of cryptocurrency videos from YouTube. The company has also canceled a cryptocurrency wallet from its android app store, Google Play.

A large number of traders, cryptocurrency founders and other people related to cryptocurrency are asking questions from Google on Twitter. Some of them are encouraging people to abandon YouTube and Google Play Store altogether.

Many cryptocurrency founders responded to this act of Google. Changpend Zhao is the founder of Binance. He said that YouTube and Google Play Store have been destroying the money and time of many people. There should be an alternative to these Google-owned platforms.

Another popular person in the Cryptocurrency sector, Mati Greenspan who is the founder of Tel Aviv also responded. He said that the cryptocurrency market has learned a great lesson from this act. There is a need to use these platforms carefully.

A few days ago YouTube had removed cryptocurrency videos from some channels and called it a mistake. A spokesperson from YouTube has assured of not altering the content policy on cryptocurrencies. YouTube has also said that it is going to restore all the affected videos. Whether it is a mistake or intentional, YouTube has removed the videos from many reputed cryptocurrency channels and said that they were displaying harmful content. Some YouTubers are blaming Google for removing all their old and new videos.

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