How Justin Goff Justin Goff Broke The Internet with Viral Videos

Today’s customers consume more videos than blogs. As such most marketers are investing in videos, and 87% of marketers already use viral videos. But with thousands of videos being uploaded daily, how do you go viral? 

Justin Goff is commonly known as the Warren Buffet of Funnels. He is a marketing genius who managed to break the internet with viral videos. Justin is a self-taught entrepreneur as he taught himself everything about video marketing. He has worked with brands such as Golden Hippo, VShred, Agora Financial, Paleohacks, etc. Yet Justin started by uploading weird videos like “1 Weird way to lose 3lbs.” 

Justin started out dead broke and in debt. He had lost $1200 in gambling and was behind rent in an apartment that cost $250. They say a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Well, the only straw that Justin could see was the website. He set up some ugly sites and started selling products. Little did he know that someone would buy his product. Justin made his first $149. 

In 2014, Justin made a move and started a Supplement Company. He managed to scale the company from scratch to $23 million in less than three years. This success helped him connect with Golden Hippo, Agora Financial, Dan Lok, Mike Geary, 4Patriots, Natural Health Sherpa, V-Shred, and many more. 

Justin also ventured into affiliate marketing. This business also performed well, and he managed to make three figures within months. Next, he ventured into the fitness niche, where he partnered with a trainer and wrote an ebook named “31 Day Fat Loss Cure.” It was at this moment that Justin began to really consider his next moves in the online space. 

Justin’s next move was Freelance copywriting. When he became a freelance copywriter, he was charging $250 for a sales page. These days he charges between $50,000 and $150,000, including performance bonuses. This serial entrepreneur quickly scaled the ranks and became an expert copywriter and Video marketing, expert. 

How To Make A Viral Video 

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Justin points out that viral videos are all about social triggers. This entails elements that most people would be compelled to share that video when you incorporate it into your content. Viral videos are a great way for a company to stand out from their competitors and connect with their audience. An example of a social trigger is something like sneakers. What shoe brand comes to your mind when you hear the word sneaker? To some of us, the first image that we get is the Nike sneakers. This is an example of a social trigger in that you create content that gets into the target audience’s subconscious mind and motivates them to engage with your brand. 

Viral videos are not as easy as they sound. It requires you to have an extensive understanding of your target audience, for instance, their pain points, their experiences in their daily lives, and so much more. 

A good viral video is short and sweet. It would help if you kept in mind that you are developing content for people with short attention spans. Therefore, if you want your audience to share your video, you have to focus on short video content. Viral videos also strike the emotional chords of your target audience. A study showed that positive video content is likely to get more shares than video content that evokes sad emotions. 

Lastly, viral videos are informative but in an entertaining way. People are always looking for new information. Therefore, you stand a higher chance of going viral if your content is informative. 

Justin has helped business owners bring in up to 1000 new customers per day through cold traffic. Achieving this level of success was not as easy as he had to overcome a series of hurdles. He started with no education or experience in digital marketing or in running a website. Yet this journey is what helped him become a master in the niche. 

Justin also helps online entrepreneurs and copywriters up their skills through a training program called Copy Accelerator. In this program, he teaches his students not only from experience but also from tried and tested techniques.

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